About Athletic Art

Athletic-art.com is the culmination of a boyhood dream.   Steve Wedan started his first business in the fifth grade, when he began drawing pictures of animals and selling them to his classmates.  Priced at 10 cents for smaller pictures and 15 cents for larger ones, the money rolled in and looked like it would never stop.

Steve isn't 10 years old anymore, but his passion for art has only grown over the years.  He always enjoyed figurative art, but now, instead of the superheroes he loved (even more than the cartoon animals that sold so well), he draws athletes and the heroic figures fantasy art is known for.  Actually, his subjects aren't too far removed from superheroes after all!

Have fun browsing the gallery, and if you've got gifts on your mind (for yourself or someone else) -- shirts, posters, mousepads, other office supplies (even clocks!), caps, and more -- click your way into our shop.

We'd love to hear from you, too, so feel free to contact us, whether it's for a rave or for a suggestion of how we might do better.

Have fun!

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