About Steve Wedan

My first love was art. I'm also a working writer and actor, but visual art remains my home, you might say . . . my country. I'm uncomfortable without a pencil nearby, and I draw on everything. Self-portrait

So, what do you want to know?

My age? I'm a sort-of child growing into a (hopefully) wise, old man.

My interests? Look at what I draw and write about. Maybe what you'll see here is enough: the human form and the emotions that alter its shape . . . the joy and disappointment of certain obsessions.

What you're really interested in, though, is what you and I share. Am I right? You participate in martial arts or certain other sports . . . or you love the romance of fantasy art. You'll get it all here, and if it doesn't yet appear, don't worry. It's on its way.

Have fun in my little studio, if nothing else. And make sure you come back, because I'm going to keep creating the kind of art you really like!

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