Here's a serious problem: How can you wear a true work of art that instantly shows YOUR sense of style and sex appeal?

Are you tired of wearing ratty T-shirts from the local gym? Wouldn't you rather pull on a shirt that makes you feel great -- a shirt that reminds you and everyone around you to Go For Your Dreams?!

Artist Steve Wedan, whose illustrations and drawings have graced the pages of Muscular Development and Hardgainer Magazines and many book covers, is letting you in on the action! If you've got a special event or a business whose name you want to spread, submit the writing to Steve and work with him to come up with a stunning design!

Just think: Combine one of our images with your . .

  • Team name
  • Youth group
  • Family reunion
  • Bachelor or bachelorette party
  • Gym
  • Lifting club

And, hey, personal trainers! Wouldn't this be an exciting prize? Think about it: a shirt combining one of our images with your business name . . . or your trainee's achievement (pounds lost or pounds lifted!). Your business gets a boost every time someone else sees your successful client walking around in a cool-looking shirt!

Contact us for details of how you can customize any product we offer at a very low cost!

Steve Wedan's art and your words . . . WOW! Keep it brief and keep it clean, that's all you've got to do.

Show the world something it's never seen before!

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