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Maybe you figure you're pretty strong.

You should know that Dan John says you're a wimp.

The question is . . . What are you going to do about it?

You might as well get in line! Dan John has been coaching successful athletes for longer than you've been alive, so just, y'know, get used to it.

Hey, listen up: Are you tired of wearing the same, old "muscle shirts," those stained, worn-out things with the lousy designs on 'em?

  • You need art on you, man!
  • If guys have designs on you, gal, so should we!

Join a very exclusive club. Even if you haven't had the privilege (?!) of puking at the feet of the John, you've got the spirit, and we've got the symbols. The symbols of your achievement!

Click on the images of your choice and Order Now! Pick up several of these great shirts and save!

And know that you're wearing clothing that's endorsed by the great strength and track-and-field coach, Dan John! We've been told he even sleeps in his. . . .

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